How long for Bilirubin to Go Down?

What is bilirubin?
Bilirubin is the yellow by product of the liver’s waste.

What causes levels the level of bilirubin to rise?
An increased breakdown of red blood cells can raise the levels of bilirubin slightly. The use of drugs can cause a moderate rise in bilirubin levels. Chemotherapy, Cirrhosis, and hepatitis can raise the level of bilirubin to a dangerously high level. Additionally, frequent alcohol use also raises bilirubin levels.

Is there any long term damage associated with a high bilirubin level?
A high bilirubin level can lead to a condition called jaundice. This is a liver disease that is characterized by yellow eyes and yellow skin.

What are some of the symptoms of high bilirubin levels?
The symptoms of a high bilirubin level include: yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark urine, vomiting, and fatigue.
How can high bilirubin levels be treated?
The treatment depends on what is causing the high bilirubin levels. Some possible treatments are prescription medication and a liver transplant.

How long does it take bilirubin levels to go down?
It depends on how well the individual responds to the treatment. Doctors will continuously monitor the patient until his or her levels return to normal.


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